By restricting its contracts to its areas of expertise, and concentrating on few projects only simultaneously, Geopros is able to deliver prompt and professional services despite its small size. For projects beyond our own capacity, there is network of private companies available. In the following is a list of typical Geopros contracts to assist prospective clients.
Project Consultancy

This consists typically of preparation of specifications for instrumentation, price calculations, and technical assistance in business meetings. Typical customers are shipyards bidding for survey vessel projects or contractors planning the purchase of airborne geophysical systems.
Imstrumentation Project Management

Geopros can supply project management services including management of purchasing and integration, end user contacts and commissioning of a marine or airborne geophysical systems or other systems within the field of expertise. Typical customers are shipyards and airborne contractors.
R&D Projects 

R&D projects, which apply geophysical techniques to other fields, are especially suitable for Geopros. These may include software and/or prototype development, mathematical modeling, scale model measurements and full scale trials. Geopros has also full facilities to process, analyze and visualize the measured or calculated data. Typical customers are Navies and defense industry or companies, which need tailor-made instruments.